Trading Networking - I live in LA, do I have to move to New York?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Newmoney24, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. I have a lot of interest in algo/automated trading and overall being in a trading environment,

    do you think I could find that in abundance in LA, or would I have to move to New York?
  2. NY or Chi town I would say.
  3. If your head isn't there, it doesn't matter where your body is.
  4. Bump- I would much rather live in LA but ill move to NY if I have to

    what I don't understand is--- I LOVE Cali weather. I don't like cold snowy winters or hot summers- I can't imagine that traders aren't like this too--- also LA has roughly 14 million people - how is it possible for there not to be a major trading hub in LA like there is New York? (is it the timezone/trading hours?)
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    Algo/automated trading requires intense careful research. It is not based on trading on grapewines. Its not that you are going to trade OTC products.

    So, the importance of having a strong trading network is much less in algo/auto/syst. trading space.

    People do successful auto trading sitting in midwest.

    Specifically - LA/SF area have a large number of quant shops.
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    I don't want to downplay importance of good trading network. But if you want to live in CA doing automated trading, its definitely possible to find like minded people/firms there.
  7. Latency, my friends, latency is why No top quant shops in LA.
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    LA has ZERO quant shops. If I'm wrong, start naming them.
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    if you don't have a body it doesn't matter where your head is at.
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    I had Gelber in mind but I checked and they have an office in San Diego.

    To Surf:
    Latency doesn't matter equally to all the quant shops. E.g. there is one well respected quant shop located in Hawaii, missing its name it was discussed on ET last year or so.
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