Trading naked-no indicators ?

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  1. Day trading the S+P. Driving myself crazy with these lagging indicators. Helpful at times for momentum divergences it appears. However,do many trade successfully strictly off price and maybe trendlines, prior S/R ,fib retraces,mkt. internals,etc ?... I am doing a good job of making it quite difficult even in trend days.
  2. Hand-drawn Trendlines. That's it.
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    Nothing on chart but price and volume....found it works best for me, trade stocks only.
  4. Pick ONE indicator and stick with it. No need for multiple price indicators, they will just confuse the issue.

    I like a good sharp CCI zeroline cross as a buy/sell indicator myself.
  5. i use nothin', not even volumes; fibo are of some aid and same emas but u get a feel anyways for bounces and tops by drawin' imaginary lines in u head and watchin' da tape.
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    For day trades I use, trend lines and/or trend channels, S/R, and watch volume. Everything else seems to confuse things when I need to be able to make a quick decision.

    For swing trades I use a few more indicators and take a little more time because it can be done after hours.
  7. "delta" don't lie
  8. Thx. for the feedback. What is delta ?Typically,which is easier to trade-stocks or eminis ?
  9. Price is all you need. It's the only truth in the market.
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