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Discussion in 'Trading' started by bignatty, Feb 11, 2004.

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    Seeing the impressive performance of the No Load Fund X upgrading strategy, does anyone think applying technical analysis would be viable in swing trading no load mutual funds as opposed to stocks. Seems like a viable option, with less volitility for those with a longer holding period. Any thoughts?
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    i read about the mutual fund newsletters that reccomend funds. i got to thinking about it, and like you said, for those with a little longer term view (couple weeks to a couple months) i think it could be a great vehicle for ira type money. i want to look into it further....(i forgot what mag. i read about this in, maybe Kiplengers?)
  3. rydex funds is great for that! you can trade them every day so they are perfect for swing trading. there are four funds that you can trade twice a day. you can also go long or short the market and you can go long or short treasury bonds as well. you need 25 k to open an account.
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