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  1. David I

    David I

  2. alain


    Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Keith Jarret, Monty Alexander & Michel Camilo
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  4. Atlantic


    chris rea "the road to hell"

    anastacia "paid my dues"

    rolling stones "sad sad sad" "i go wild" "mean disposition" "emotional rescue" "bitch" "out of control" "always suffering"

    queen "i'm going slightly mad"

    status quo "down down"

    cher "if i could turn back time"

    eagles "take it easy"

    u2 "so cruel"

    deep purple "the cut runs deep"

    zz top "what's up with that" "she's just killing me" "my mind is gone" "el diablo" "got me under pressure" "give it up"

    tina turner "better be good to me"

    sting "fragile" "it's probably me"

    eagle-eye cherry "permanent tears"

    huey lewis "workin' for a livin'" "walking on a thin line"

    mick jagger "put me in the trash"

    george michael "heal the pain"

    ... and many many more ...
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  5. DT-waw


    "HIGH Hopes" Pink Floyd
    "Lady in Red" Chris de Burgh
    "The way it is" Bruce Hornsby
    "I'm on fire" The Boss
    "Chill Out (Things Gonna Change)" John Lee Hooker
    "Down under" Man at work
    For traders using moving averages - "Smooth" Carlos Santana
    For traders from Germany - "Eine Insel mit Zwei Bergen" Dolls United :D (rrrocks!)
    For long position holders - "Jump, jump" - Kriss Kross
    For girls-traders - "Bootylicious" Destiny's Child
    I don't think you
    Ready for this jelly
    I don't think you
    Ready for this jelly
    I don't think you
    Ready for this
    'Cause my body too
    Bootylicious for ya babe" :D :D :)
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  6. FYI


    The theme song to Hawaii 5-O
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  7. ROTFLMAO... Celine Dion?

    You must be kidding!...:D
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