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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Carlos11, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. sherif24


    One word: Rush
    #11     Oct 2, 2002
  2. in the morning I listen to the Stern show to get some laughs...when that ends I hit play and it's usually :

    The Pixies
    Led Zepplin
    The Clash
    and then more Deftones

    and my girlfriend just got the new ColdPlay, which is good, but a bit mellow.
    #12     Oct 2, 2002
  3. Still Alive and Well!!! by Johnny Winter

    what a classic! I saw JW play in a small bar near Penn State when I was in college. Unbelievable.

    (I'm downloading it now -- thanks for the reminder)!

    #13     Oct 2, 2002
  4. another blast from the past -- "You Love the Thunder."

    (just downloaded that as well).
    #14     Oct 2, 2002
  5. "Eye of the Tiger" - Survivor

    "Twilight Zone" - Golden Earring
    #15     Oct 2, 2002
  6. if anyone's interested, here's a text file of my mp3 playlist. i tried to paste it, but it was too big. i have MANY cds too, but this is what i have on my computer.... i'm a huge music person. i play guitar, bass, and drums..and i consider myself to like a wide range of music.
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    #16     Oct 2, 2002
  7. Forget that music

    I'll take 10 bid 11 offered

    all day long anytime

    (sound of the pit) over music.

    Nothing sounds greater than hearing Merril trying to buy a 200 lot in the S&P pit while being long.

    #17     Oct 2, 2002
  8. MrDinky


    Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Prince, Michael Jackson.... it's all becoming clear now... :D

    #18     Oct 2, 2002
  9. lmao..... that is like 2% of the list. i could have edited that stuff out, but i'm not afraid to admit anything i like...i don't care who it is!

    :eek: :cool: :p
    #19     Oct 2, 2002
  10. m_c_a98


    Yes Rtharp,

    I like to groove to the sweet sounds of Paul the S&P XSquawk guy.
    #20     Oct 2, 2002