Trading multiple accounts with one action

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Brucelee, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Is anyone aware if its possible to trade three accounts simultaneously? Either through one Front End or by way of software linking entry and exit button.

    Problem is I am a scalper and trading through three applications is not practical.
  2. If you trade futures, Open ECry has a very nice multi-account function. Not sure if it's limited to certain accounts, CTA's, etc. but worth a look if you are trading futures.

    Here's a link to info -

    click on Block Allocation.
  3. IB offers Friends and Family account, no registration necessary (just make sure you're doing whatever is legal in your jurisdiction). Very flexible front end allows you to create multiple allocation profiles. I use it, you can change accounts/allocations right from the DOM price ladder. Other front ends support too.
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  5. Thanks for the quick response guys. I actually need to link 2 IB accounts and 1 Transact account. What you suggest looks as though it will work for IB, but not with Transact.
  6. Has anybody got experience with Strategy Runner and Guru? This looks like it may do the job.
  7. A multi-broker version of Ninja Trader may work, provided you're always trading the exact same size and the exact same indice ... otherwise I'd look at moving everything over to IB ... a lot less headache in the long run.