Trading Multiple Accounts Simultaneously thru One Platform

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  1. IB almost had it - they are offering this service. But so far and for the time being, its only for registered investment advisors.

    Are there any other brokers out there who offer this service??? So that trading for multiple/client accounts is much easier in that you dont have to make adjustments for each buy/sell according to each accounts size?
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    This would be very helpful to me also. If you find anything out please let me know. Don't know why IB only offers this to registered Advisors?
  3. sabena


    Is it a fact that you don't have to make
    adjustements for each account seperately
    with IB ?

    So that when you take a position that an appro-
    piate quantity is allocated to each account
    depending of the relative size of each account
    and this with placing only 1 order...
  4. Hubert


    just about all futurs IB will let you do this its call a mater account
  5. One of the features is "Client Trade Allocation" so I'm assuming this the feature that you speak of and what we are both interested in.
  6. Hubert


    I all ready have it set up for futures for the minis
    can find anyone that does it with stocks and i have looked everywhere

    the fut works geat you will love it
  7. where could I find info about the -mater account-?
  8. E320 - You work for the firm or what? Come clean.
  9. shneed


    Try MyTrack. Used to trade through them about 2 years ago. I think you can trade up to 5 accounts from the same platform.

  10. JohnM


    You can now trade multiple accounts/multiple systems from one computer at eFloorTrade.
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