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    besides wall street and boiler room, what are some good movies about the stock market?
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    excuse me, i didn't mean to put boiler room in the same category as wall street... just curious as to some other stock market movies.
  3. there is one from about 10 yrs ago with rebecca demourney ( sp ?) about institutional currency and bond traders. I think it was called "traders" or "dealers". Haven't seen it around, not even at blockbuster. I didn't buy it at the time because it was all over cable.
  4. Its called dealers.

    Also, Rogue Trader is pretty funny. You see Nick fly off the deep end. Then again, maybe in this market, it isn't so funny...
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    Are they any good: Dealers and Rouge Trader? Are they worth the money?
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    Ahhhh Trading Places! :D

  7. Limit Up has some fairly authentic looking portrayals of bean pit trading- the kind where 50 traders are crowded in a futures pit the size of someone's living room.
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    I'll go along with that... lol

    They keep playing that on paramount comedy channel.. and we keep watching it.. its altogether too funny!! hehe

  9. Havent seen Dealers. Plot looks a bit cheesy, and I'm probably not wrong being that it has Rebecca DeMornay and its partly about how the man and woman heat it up together.

    Rogue Trader is great. Nothing of the quality of Wall Street, but I liked the intensity and the plot. Ewon McGregor does a pretty funny job encapsulating the rabid futures trader.
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