Trading Motherboard?

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    Hi, what motherboard would you guys reccommend for us traders? We obviously dont need anything involving 3d. So what is the best performing motherboard that would suit a traders needs?

    Thankyou for your replies.

  2. Just about any modern one which...

    1. Has enough of the right kinds of slots for you + enough USB ports.

    2. Does not have onboard video (this eliminates most of the cheapo ones)

    3. A Dell Dimension 9200 will do nicely, or anything you determine is better.
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    You are correct you do not need anything optimized for 3D. I would suggest a motherboard from a reputable manufacuturer with 2 or 3 PCIX slots so you can add the best performing 2D graphics cards optimized for financial applications. Don't go too cheap on the motherboard. If it sucks then your computer will never perform as well as it should. 2 gigs of ram and a dual core 2.6GHz processor or higher from AMD or intel. If you go with AMD then get the energy efficeint processor. They last longer.
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    I just completed building one using this as a guide:

    Now that I look at it there were quite a few substitutions, but that's the mother board. It's my understanding that it is the best seller for those going Intel dual core.

    Good luck
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  6. The performance difference between any two motherboards is likely to be minimal given the same CPU. Some may reach a little higher overclock speeds than others, but this should be only of a hobby interest. It's not a very good idea to overclock a trading machine to extreme levels.

    The main concern is that a board has the features you need eg number of SATA ports, firewire etc etc. The truth is that just about any board will meet most peoples requirements.

    I've just put together a box using Asus P5K and 64 bit Linux. I'm very pleased with it.
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    And Stabilty. Stick with good names like ASUS, ABIT, Gigabytes etc.
    Avoid ECS.
  8. Remember..."Buy the best, and cry only once!"

    I'm using several computers & mobos. The best performer is an AMD 64X2 6000+ on an Asus Crosshair mobo. Using 4 displays(one a Dell 30") & 3 charting programs running with more than 30 charts up. On the worst day(FOMC), cpu usage was only 15% at 36 C. The same charting was on an Intel 3.2 ghz dual-core, and cpu used to max. out under the same load and run hot(60C). Also don't skimp on power supply wattage(500+) when using dual video cards.

    I found Newegg best source overall...but for cheap I use
  9. I don't want to start CPU wars, but was your Intel a Core 2 Duo ? Probably not, as there is no Core 2 Duo at 3.2 Ghz. The older dual core Pentiums are not in the same class as C2D and run much hotter.

    In reality. current dual core CPUs from both Intel and AMD are both good choices at the same price point.
  10. I've built gaming systems with BFG-Tech [EVGA] boards. A bit pricey, but a 3-year support contract. Intel board support is a joke.
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