Trading Monday, October 22nd

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  1. What is your plan for tomorrow? Some big news was released over the weekend. Will the slide continue or will we see a rebound?

    - Turks and Kurds have started attacking each other (oil goes up)
    - IMF warns of inflation (people become afraid the Fed won't cut)
    - More bad earnings released
    - Guaranteed Asian market decline going into tomorrow
    - What am I missing?
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    Why didn't you title this thread "Black Monday" like you're supposed to? Besides, you should have started it the second the markets closed on Friday. Get with the program.

  4. lol...brace yourselves for the return volley.
  5. Very difficult question. I am often trading in aftermarket hours but I did not saw usuall signs of rebound.
    More scenarios are possible but I guess that sliding will continue as minimum during first half of trading.
  6. Um 1. no one cares about the tuks and kurds

    2. not a big deal.

    3. um that is obvious

    Market will rebound
  7. Why hasn't this guy been banned? He obviously doesn't know anything about Finance.
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    Someone said it before - he's all about parody. You can actually learn something from him, but not in the way most come here to learn.
  9. Explain the parody in what he said. You can take no information from that garbage.
  10. Hello, he is much more educated and intelligent like he want to look on this forum . Several times he really surprised me /ad hominem, etc/ - probably when he did not pay attention to his play.

    Btw, did you consider that one need to be quite intelligent to play that way so many peoples are hating him? It is not easy as might you think.
    He loves his play, that is obvious. I personally think that face to face it will be quite nice and probably very shy guy that is playing arrogant rabiat here.

    Stocky3, I am right?

    Live and let live him (until now it is not possible to kill anybody directly via internet, god thanks).
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