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  1. Hi guys I'm relatively new to trading I know my fair share but am still new none the less. Can anyone help me by letting me know some successful and proven trading methods you might know of and possibly use? I would be so grateful.
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    Lots of methods shared @

    You can find more via using search @

    Be warned...just because they worked for someone else doesn't imply they'll work for you especially if its a discretionary method.

  3. it is very unlikely that anyone here who knows how to trade would be stupid enough to give away their edges. By definition, an edge is a small inefficiency, which becomes more useless as more people discover and use it.

    They likely spent 10,000 hours on their edges. Why should they hand it over to newbies? Someone that they don't know? Especially with a bizarre user ID like never lose again? Serious traders need people like you to be on the other side of the trade.

    And as above, it is likely you wouldn't be able to trade it longterm profitably any way.

    What you likely will get is either marketing pitches from a scammer, useless diatribes from Jack, or

    You seriously need to decide if you expect to become a surgeon by getting your own degree and know what you are doing, or xeroxing someone else's degree and becoming a quack.
  4. Why do you think that is an edge? An edge is statistically validated. You cannot just pick a stock, and expect it to move up like this. And what kind of stop? How much capital and drawdown is the trader/investor willing to endure? And a trailing stop is no better than other kind of stops. I have tested them all.

    This is a concept, not an edge or inefficiency.
  5. Then look for concepts, not for edges.
  6. Paterno Try this efficiency on for size.

    This IS designed to just pick a stock and expect it to move up and make money. Why would anyone trade any other way?

    Put up your results of testing this since you have tested them all.

    Even trader666 admits he has not tested this. (What he means is that he tested it and it worked)
  7. Just take a look at this links and see that there are some problems in the way they trade, of course I will choose the thing that appropriate to me
  8. Using this generated volatility together with the inputs: spot price divided by strike, time to maturity, and interest rate, a generated Neural Network results in significantly better pricing performance than the Black Scholes model. A single Neural Network for each individual high-tech stock is able to adapt to the market inherent volatility distortion. A single Network for all tested high-tech stocks also results in significantly better pricing performance than the Black-Scholes model.
  9. Their user id is NEVER LOSE EVER.
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