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  1. Many traders find it hard to read a markets ebb & flow, buying breakouts after the market has had a nice trend & then getting chopped around unknowingly, or shorting into a resistance after the markets been going sideways in a choppy market & getting trapped on the breakout, chasing markets, shorting into up-trending markets with the hopes of catching the top............sound familiar ? I have some methods & techniques to share with you all & I will post one here to see & if your interested I have more on my main site. This method is a simple way to trade within a larger time frame trend but get be able to take profits in a choppy environment, take a look

    I also have a online video that I made for showing range contraction & how to work on a short term time frame price
    divergences....thats on the site also Online Video -01 its 60 min long of some good education & I have had tons of great feedback so far.

    Chris Terry
  2. I was about to make a wisecrack or two till I saw your name. I'm a big LBR fan and know you have been working with her for some time. Can't go wrong with a free trial. See you monday.
  3. I'm not endorsing the chatroom, haven't used it and don't intend to, but I will say the examples at his site are actually pretty educational and worth the time it takes to review them.
  4. Wise crack ? why is that ? for those that need it is vital isn't it ?..........lets keep it positive & help the ones that need it the most., I cannot tell you the tons of email I have received from people thanking me for my trading techniques link, We don't realize the masses of people that need guidance but they are out there & need the info to assist in their successes..........somebody referred me to this site, so I started a thread, I hope it helps...........I will do more posting in the future, yes I work with Linda & she is incredible, hope you like the service, see ya monday..........Chris
  5. I spent an hour watching your free video, and was VERY impressed. What you gave free was worth more than what others charge hundreds of bucks for. I can't really fault anything you said, and that is a rarity! Nice work, Chris.

    P.S. The fact that you're working with Linda is another plus point. Linda was my favorite chapter in The New Market Wizards.
  6. Thanks,,,,,,,,,,,I want to do articles on whatever traders need, I have one in the February Issue of Active Trader Mag, & just submitted one for Spring 2002, possibly March or April, we will see....... I am starting to share my ideas to the public & finding appreciated by many, anything you need me to post on for this thread, let me know............I am putting this thread on my site later to help with some traffic here.............Chris
  7. Thanks..........I happened to be online when you posted your the email notifications.........I am doing a video on market timing that will take you back to the turn of the century to the DOW theory & back to 2001...........i did it as a seminar & had huge response.............I am happy doing it & will post allot of videos..........I cannot do them realtime as my trading account is large & I have dozens of positions at any 1 time and need to watch them & cannot take away from my trading & chat for videos, but i am thinking of a way to do it one day.....gimme time.........that would be cool.....realtime video of my trading giving entry examples day but not around my weekends or nights I do work for articles & all.............I will do some stuff using indicators also soon............Chris
  8. To the few that mentioned Linda

    I am happy you respect Linda..........I met her in 1997 & she single handedly revolutionized my trading, I attended her workshops........all of them until this day I still go, she is my best friend & we work together, I initially was a chatroom student for the futures side & in early 2000 we started a stocks side for a large respected trading firm, & work with thier traders & its been a success knowing we helped people thru this horrific bear market , but she is great, & yea I seen the interview in market wizards also & emailed her begging for mentorship & for some strange reason, maybe was a great day for her, she took me under her wing...........I always ask. What if ? me.......I am VERY grateful to her for showing me the way & keeping me on track from early years until now.............when I think I Have it all figured out.........she has something new to share..........lesson learned.........Never Stop Growing !

  9. I posted the thread for elitetrader on my site.........I hope to help your site with traffic also, your board is very professional. keep up the great work............Chris

    Could see on my front page , but here is the link this site is on.
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