Trading methods/strategy for newbys ?

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  1. i am wondering if anyone can tell me an effective easy to learn method/strategy that a newby can get the hang of to start trading. --------thanks
  2. all these strategies, i dont know where to start !
  3. Here's my standard repsonse.

    Read Stan Weinstein's Secret's for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets (I know, the title sounds lame).

    While the methodologies discussed will not get you rich quick (especially with the current market dynamics), the in depth discussion of chart reading, trailing stops, and the end of chapter quizzes gives a comprehensive, easy to read introduction as to what needs to be addressed in systematic trading.

    The easy reading outline and end of chapter quizzes really sets this book apart from any other trading book.

  4. thanks ''marketnoise''---------- nice to hear from someone !
  5. Try using the search function on this site. There is a wealth of information available on various strategies.
    You could start here:

    A word of advice. Give the members a chance to review your questions and respond in their own time without you pushing for answers immediately during trading hours. As you will see from yesterday, you will get more response after the market close.
  6. Enter long or short randomly and cut your losses quickly.

    Don't be too quick to deride this method for its simplicity. I have an elder brother who learnt his craft doing exactly this.
  7. thanks macal and alfonso
  8. Love that method alfonso. Love it.

    There are some who will quickly cry out... "but when do you get out?"

    Hey, how about that for a thread...techniques to manage a random entry.


  9. Hi...I think one of the simpler and still one of the best methods
    for trading, is simple divergence/convergence setups. Here's a
    couple of snapshots. Hope this helps and good luck!
  10. Converg...
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