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    Remember that I recommendend Ellery Coleman as

    a trading advisor ?

    Ok, he run apparently into trouble with the Federal
    trade commission.

    Does that mean that he is a scam artist ?

    I don't think so.

    Just have a look at the testimonials on the website

    of Mark Douglas , the number 1 psychologist on trading

    Yeah maybe , Mark Douglas is also a scam artist....
  2. sabena


    It's not because you have a record of speeding bill's ,
    not paid parking ticket's and driving without assurance
    that you are a lousy driver...

    Ed Moore of ran also
    in trouble with the SEC or whatever.

    He has a very good track record as money manager
    and more of that , so he doen't have to prove anything
    anymore to anyone.(He compounded money at
    nearly 30 % a year for 10 years)

    He just was not explicit enough that his posted options
    result were not actually taken by him.
  3. What are you talking about and who are you talking to?

    Seems like your responding to another forum thread via forming a new different thread.

    Nihaba Ashi
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    Nihaba Ashi,

    If you don't what I am talking about then this message

    is not for you....
  5. Sabena,

    I saw the title of forum thread as "Trading Mentor Recommendation".

    That caught my attention. Yet, you seem to be talking specifically to someone else or individuals without naming them.

    More to the point...your talking about "investigations" and such.

    Thus, since you seem to know who the thread is specific for...why not send that person a private message?

    Even better, why didn't you continue posting in the previous "Trading Mentor Recommendation" thread you started? Thread at

    Just seems a little odd when I see multiple threads by the same person with the same forum thread title...

    sometimes its best to close a can of worms.

    Nihaba Ashi
  6. Ed Moore ran into trouble because he never actually traded the system that he supposedly made huge triple digit returns on...Maybe, you should go to the NFA/CTFC summaries and read them...As you will notice, Ed Moore now says that it is all hypothetical...