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    I have myself never followed any course
    or training, I have just figured it out

    Now, I have one time tried out a real-time
    advisory service for the S&P futures.

    This was at by
    Ellery Coleman.

    If I would have taken all the signals, there
    would have been a nice profit however I did
    not take them. I was just curious for his
    signals and if he was for real.

    From what I have seen and the numereous
    E-mail's I exchanged with Ellery, I believe
    he is a person of honesty and integrity.

    Because of the death of his daughter a few
    months ago, he stopped the real-time live

    At the moment he is just doing training and
    and selling a daytrading course on CD-rom.

    I haven't bought anything from him except
    the live signals but I think he is not selling

    He is a mathematician.

    I have nothing to gain with directing people
    to him, nothing. Again, I'm not in the sales
    business anyway.

    But I think, he has some value to offer.
    So for the newbies this could be a good place
    to start.
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    get ready for a hundred naysaying drones to parrot their fave admonishment, "oh, those that can [insert any discipline you wish, in this case "trade"], trade, and those that can "blah", "blah"." shortly this thread will be 5 pages deep with the same hackneyed altruisms and aphorisms that we've all heard a million times. nothing specific to the particular service or site mentioned, just lots of generalities and whatnot.... {{sigh}}
  3. There is no such thing as a mentor just give up it is gambling The truth is nobody can make a living trading the market is random. ask any professor.
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  5. That makes no sense at all. Why not ask a professional trader if he can make money trading the markets instead of asking someone who has no practical experience.
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    I am trying to refrain from writing something I'll just say thats why professors are professors and professional traders make money consistently....because they dont buy all that theory stuff....and I know that you can find a trading keep searching because you just may find one...dont pay attention to people who have negative things to say....
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    essah...hahahahahaha, i can tell by your use of third person that you have no first hand experience as one who is a top trader making consistent money. we can only write your post off to rank speculation...hehe
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    no current academic, that I know of, who has researched the field contends the markets are completely random. All real academics now admit the markets can be exploited because markets do have some inefficiencies. Just do a search on the net and read some of the papers.

    Finally the guy who wrote a random walk down wall street wrote some really stupid stuff. A coin flip resembled a chart pattern consequently stocks are random. This is an argument? A coin flip can also resemble the point scoring in a curling match. Are curling results random?
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    This is just an honest expression of what I
    think of
    I don't guarantee that he is the person
    he claims to be, but the chances are good
    that he is a good "trade".

    So, take it for what it is and do some
    investigation yourself before you decide
    to go for it.

    The markets are not random because human
    behavior is not random but chaotic.

    And the difference between chaotic and random
    behavior is that it is possible to make
    consistent profits in the first one
    and not in the second one because there is
    "order in the chaos".

    In my student time as civil engineer , I have
    studied this theory of "order in the chaos".
    Everywhere in nature is this reflected,
    also in human nature.

    Crowd behavior is NOT random but chaotic and
    the markets are just that "crowd behavior"
    The art of trading is to recognize when
    noise is at a low level and a pattern is in the
    make from which one can profit and to recognize
    when this happens takes experience.

    All the"newbies" think that the markets are
    random because they do not have the experience
    that makes them see that the same things
    are happening over and over in the market

    A good read would be "Chaos and Order in the
    capital markets" by Edgar E. Peeters
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