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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by SOStrader, Jan 24, 2006.

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    After visiting many many daytrading chat rooms and websites about daytrading, I have to say that none of them were making any money.

    That's why I decided to post this thread, hoping that somebody is willing to take me in tow and learn me to make good trades.

    I am even willing to pay your expenses for your time and effort....

    So please PM me if you want to help me (or even if you know a good coach/mentor)! JUST DO IT!!!

    I can really use your help!!!

    Thank you very much,

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    Let me forewarn you. Anyone that PM's you is probably not making a dime. There is no way you could compensate a profitable trader enough to make it worth his time. He would only do this if he were not making money and needed yours. I understand your plight and frustration. The good traders out there are few and far between. My best advice for you if you want to learn from someone is put your resume together and get a paid job on a desk as an assistant. I know it's not sexy, but you will get a chance to meet some real traders and talk to guys making some nice bank and learn the ropes. ET is not the place to find a mentor.
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    I am even willing to pay your expenses for your time and effort....

    Guys be happy you won't have to do it for free, he is EVEN WILLING TO PAY.
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  5. Me? I'm very fine. Looks like the method is a white box one with all details and many practical examples.
  6. good idea. Just make a list of all the ET-persons sending you a private mail on that and you then know who is a proven loser and you can put on ignore.
    Maverick is right, no sucessfull trader will waist his time with you.

    Also I have to say that opening such a thread is showing a lack of intelligence that you may need to be a sucessfull trader.
  7. Excuse me:

    Generally, a working, profitable trader will not have the time, nor the inclination to help you.

    I think you would do better to simply use the "search" function at the top of the home page. Also there are a couple of good systems that have been disclosed on the site. Here are a couple of ideas

    1. Spydertraders adaptation of Hershey System
    2. Emini Divergence by Nopmplease

    Good luck


    Please don't let some of the "sarcastic ego maniac's" discourage you. You have to start somewhere Good Luck!
  9. Email me at

    I might know somebody for you, if you are really serious.
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