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  1. I am offering to mentor, coach, and analyze people's trades. I have a thread under trading that explains more. E-mail me your phone number and I will call you to discuss your needs.

    p.s. I have been trading futures, equities, and options on both for over ten years.
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    is this service offer for free or fee?
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    good angle jay

    get their phone numbers and emails so you can offer your services for reasonable fee

    at least pay Baron his due, he is the owner you know
  4. this service is absolutely free.. i do not make any individual stock recomendations. I look and listen to what you do and I try to figure out what it si that is stopping from attaining your goals in trading.

    It si Free.. therefore I can only spend about an hour a day discussing it and possibly less if it gets overwhelming.
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    Jay you remind me of ME, when I didn't know a thing

    but then it all changed, I opened my heart to Allah

    Allah LOL :D

    bet you didn't see that coming :D