Trading May Not Be For Me

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  1. Trading may not be for me. I mean, what am I gunna do, trade forex all nght and write jokes here for the next 20 years?

    What kind of a career is that?

    I was in the structural engineering industry before 9/11 hit then my company vaporized as the result of the economic impact on California.

    So.... for a year I kicked different things around for a new career, car sales? Realtor? Insurance sales (give me the barf bag).

    At one point I went after my passion which is comedy writing and was set to become a stand-up comedian I even started performing around L.A. - bitch about that is, you don't make a nickel for years and years until you get "good."

    Anyway, I had some money and one thing led to the next, here I am after 5 months still trading currencies.

    What got you into trading? Or, why do you want to be a trader? What did you do before?

    tradez (and, more than just the twisted ET psychotics can reply)
  2. Hi TradeOff,

    You're not the only one. You must be miles ahead of the others though!

    Be good,

  3. TigerO


    I think an incredible number of people, not least on ET:D, would readily give one of their arms to be able to make it as a trader, one of the greatest jobs out there.

    And if you're bored there is lots of stuff you can do on the side, get a PhD, travel, buy a boat and trade from that while sailing the world, get involved in some causes, or just trade until you make it in what really gets you going, the stand-up comedian bit.

    I mean let's face it, most people work for the money, there is practically nothing out there that can potentially be as lucrative as trading, and on the plus side, if you don't want to deal with OPM, you won't have any hassles with staff or clients, let alone bosses, something you will have to deal with in 95% of all other jobs.

    Don't know about you, but to me that sounds like the by far best deal out there.

  4. Being free from worry about how to earn a living frees one to pursue a life of enjoying what is important to them.

  5. "I speculate so my kids can dance and paint."

    Greed brought me here.......pursuit of financial freedom and the perfection of emotional detachment has kept me here for 3.5 years.

    In my other lives I was a high school failure, U.S. Marine, Printer, laborer, retail salesman, Insurance salesman, Stockbroker, Dock worker.

    The only other thing I have done in my life besides trading that made me proud to wake up to every morning to was being a Marine. Very similar experiance.......

    IMO if you dont have the fire in your belly after only 5 months "trading may not be for you" as you harm no tried it. Thats more than most people can say.

    Good luck
  6. You trade condoms?

    Wow, will wonders ever cease!

  7. What you say, indahook, really inspired me. I think you're right. However perhaps most don't realize that it takes 12 to 14 hours a day to make it in trading.

    It is certainly not the ultimate thing there is to do in life, there must be more!

    Well, maybe the ultimate fulfillment will be giving all the money I heap up away someday, similar to Soros or Bill Gates.

    Thanks for your kind words.


  8. Dude, after reading your posts, I think life may not be for you.
  9. Yah know, TigerO, I really didn't think about trading being the means to my doing stand-up, but, sure, of course it is the perfect fit! Although, both take a tremendous amount of time and discipline. Oh well, perhaps if I get rich trading then I can pursue stand-up and not have to earn the money.

    Until then, looks like you guys are stuck with me writing comedy here - although in the future expect milder posts - Baron said he'll bury me if I keep up the previous level, heh.

    Trade Off <-- the new gentler meeker love-spreading (*gag*) flower-handing out Trade Off - less insulting, less hateful, less vulgar than EVER before (But, Baron, the insanity stays!)

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    Maybe not, but at least I'm getting closer to 4000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 posts number.
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