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Discussion in 'Trading' started by traderchi, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. traderchi


    Im from chicago and would like to ask what would be best market to trade 12am-6am central time?

    All responses would be highly appreciated
  2. onelots


    possibly euro stoxx for your driver. then bund, euro and dax off that
  3. Hang Seng afternoon session opens at 11:30pm and runs to 2:15am (12:30am - 3:15am after daylight savings in a couple weeks, then later in March they'll be opening after lunch 1/2 hour earlier at midnight).

    Euro and maybe some other futures might see movement before 1am. NIFTY futures (India) are moving, but that contract is structed poorly IMO (too much commission for too little $).

    DAX and Bund open at 1 but I wouldn't trade them till after cash market opens at 2am.

    After 2am I would look at DAX, Bund, Euro (6E), Brent Crude, and maybe Gold. There are some other equity indexes like CAC40 and FTSE 100 that will be tracking the DAX (or other way around), but DAX is a much better trading instrument. FESX is like watching paint dry these days. Capitalization might force you to the smaller instruments but you'll pay a hefty premium in commissions.

    Good luck to you. I'm an off-hours trader myself. When do you plan to sleep?
  4. traderchi


    Plan on sleeping 7pm-1:30ish am.

    Little crazy I know haha. I was just wondering what markets would have the best outcome in volume and movement.

    Getting your body adjusted to a new sleep pattern isnt too easy but its been working out for the past 2 weeks.
  5. +1 to 6E. good movement and liquidity.