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  1. I am looking to sell this product. I am not trading much anymore but this product is really good. You can email me or PM me if interested.
  2. You know whats bad. You were scammed, you paid 5k for worthless garbage. I am sorry about your loss.

    You know whats worse? You come here hoping to scam somebody else just to save your own a**.
  3. bud you'll find ETers to be brighter than average :cool:
  4. clacy


    If the product was "really good", then I would wonder why you're not trading much anymore.

    Maybe it's so good that you made enough money to retire :D
  5. My guess is that the system/strategy contains something useful.

    Send it over my way and I'll share with you what I find useful.
  6. I love the 'I am not trading anymore' bit,

    Now all we need is the plaintive post telling us about the family tragedy that prevents him from trading, and this will be complete.
  7. It's funny that you guys are actually taking the time to post negative comments. If someone wants the software, what's wrong with them buying it at a significant discount as opposed to buying it retail? Isn't that what sites like ebay are all about? I figured as traders someone might want to buy it. That's all. No need for harsh commentary. No stories either, just selling a software product if someone is interested. Happy Holidays.
  8. clacy


    I agree snowbird. If someone wants to buy it, they might as well buy it used.

    But as someone that purchased it and thinks it's useless, I wanted to give my opinion so that others don't even waste their money.
  9. Actually, yes. There apparently is a need for harsh commentary. The need arises because the product is a piece of crap and we don't want any newbs around here to think that paying more than $1 for it is a deal. That's why other people who know it's a piece of crap (that is, people besides you) are posting to that effect.

    It's buyer beware. You bought it, you realized it's a piece of crap, and now you're trying to sell it. Fine. But don't get upset if people say as much.

    It is freaky how much people are willing to pay for a dream, isn't it? I should go into the dream-selling business.
  10. What does the product trade? What method class is it? Is it a momentum trader?...trend...breakout...some custom indicator...

    I guess I can google it...
    When they do not list up-to-date performance results...its in trouble

    The first quarter of 2006 was just prolly the beginning of a lackluster year...
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