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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by whtaylor, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. whtaylor


    I am looking to buy TradingMarkets courses, specifically R3 R4?

    PM me
  2. All their strategies look impressive on paper, I had subscribed to Raptor II signal which is very expensive crappy system, i had incurred huge loss during June/July/August month.

    Those idiots would n’t even respond when you send an e-mails for help.

    I would never turn their side again....
  3. saganna


    I have to agree with 21Centtrader.

    I just got the R3/R4 a few weeks back and the system is laughable.
  4. rafter123


    Hi, I am looking for the new TM courses, VIX, smart20 and SP timing.
    I have most of the high priced ones to swap or other high priced courses.
  5. Are you sure about this? My buddy has been monitoring the Raptor system the past few months and it's been doing well. He thinks that there are ways to tweak the system to be more profitable, but it has been doing very well. I don't know about the other systems given by Tradingmarkets. If you want, I can put you in touch with my buddy. Mind you, he has not mentioned the other systems. So maybe they are not as profitable. But he raves about Raptor 2.
  6. saganna


    The past few months have been nothing but a strong uptrend in the entire market. You could toss darts and pick winning stocks. Pullback systems have one flaw: ALL TRENDS END
  7. le140


    Please don't buy into these type of system. They have it polished, well presented so they could charge 5-10K for it and of course it does not work.

    The reason they charge so much is all about good marketing campaign. They know you would not pay for something that cost $300 bucks and expect to win from the market.

    A friend of mine bought into some crap system when he was at the traders expo. Cost him 10K up front and he lost all of his money. Now he is back at his job and did'nt even want to discuss about the market.