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  1. Looks like a simple break-out system to me.....with very wide stop-losses (Note the example with Yahoo !).
  2. Looks like they take stocks that gap down and use some type of buystop order off some type of volatility parameter as entry. I think they use the open + something like .25 ( depending on stock volaility) as entry.

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    Its hard to make it thru that whole sales pitch without wanting to puke. No track record, just a bunch of "simulated" trades. I'd love to see how many shares those guys could get off on some of those low volume fliers they probably modeled. That site started off with a little bit of promise 6 years ago, look at what total s*** it has become.

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  4. Folks:
    TradingMarkets is an example of a good vendor servicing retail traders. They have a number of services that they provide, and some are very good. The majority however are just not very constructive. They are not substitutes for the education and experience that one gets actually trading or talking to traders.

    If you spend big money on programs from any vendor, you are likely to feel a bit foolish as time goes on. If you can afford it, well have at it. Otherwise, I suggest you approach these vendors with a healthy skepticism.

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  5. ALL 4 trades they show, YHOO, RDK, CNX, and RL are big gap down (fill the gap) after the stock is already oversold trade.

    Ofcourse they convienently don't show the previous day's price action only the day of the trade intraday rip off the open

    Are their any of there 1000+ dollar courses that haven't ended up on ebay for 19.95 a month or two later?
  6. 7500 for that....OMG, people can't actually pay for that.
  7. "Remember, only 100 people will be able to enroll in the class. Once that limit is reached, there will be no further students allowed to learn the system in 2005."

    750k, probably 749,999.90 more than he could make by trading the system.
  8. Don't waste your money......I will sell you a similar system that makes an average of 3-5% on each trade.

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  9. Why not go for the whole enchilada? Rickey Cheung will personally train you to trade his proprietary method for only $180,000 USD. In order to do this, he will first have you fill out an application and investigate your background. Then if he is satisfied that you will not turn around and sell his method, he will allow you to pay him that fee and train you to make millions. :D

    Personally, I cannot wait and have sent in my application already!!

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