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    Suggestions welcomed for home delivery Trader Magazines..especially ones that don't sell your subscriber name and address to every fly by night news letter.

    Which ones do you like or subscibe to?
  2. Active Trader & Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities. Two very good magazines.
  3. trader monthly is a fun read ....
    SFO is interesting too
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    Thanks for the replies and the suggestions and also for that excellent link...I appreciate it.
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    SFO, Stocks and Commodities, Futures
  6. which is a good magazine that's more for the daytraders who does scalping?
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  8. Yet to find one that is the slightest bit worth reading.
  9. That means you must have been reading something and your saying none have contained at least one useful article that gave you a little bit more knowledge about some aspect of trading ???

    Thus, which magazines had you been reading ???

    To those trying to find useful magazines...there's more available on the market than what's discussed at the below link...

    I myself have learned a few useful things from various magazines...worth the fee I paid for a particular issue.

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