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    I'm looking forward to subscribe to one of the traders magazines. In the first way I want something to read ;o) and in the second way I can get some informations out of it. I have seen that there are several Trader Magazines on the market. Can you guys here recommend on of those to me...

    thanx, alain
  2. Active Trader is very good. May want to check out Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities as well. Futures is also decent.

    My favorite is Active Trader. Any of the above magazines should be found at Borders or Barnes & Noble.
  3. I have found two good ones:

    Active Trader Magazine as indicated above

    Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities:

    I also read futures Magazine but will not renew next time it comes up:
  4. I think futurestrader is the best... i don't like that tech analysis one too much, but the interviews are good... activetrader is kinda basic. Honestly i subscribed to all 3 and won't do it this year.. I don't feel I get anything useful out of them.
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    Anyone get the impression that Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities is going downhill? Not as many articles, etc.
  6. alain


    thanx for your help.
    There is actually a German version of the active trader... Our Day Trading Company was asked if we want to sponsor articles in this magazine. In other words they would make a report on our company and make it look as an independent report but it actually is an advertisement. I think I just want to let you guys know... I don't know if the US. Active Trader is the same...

    thanx again... I will probably subscribe to stocks & commodities.

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    Anyone get the impression that Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities is going downhill? Not as many articles, etc.

    A resounding YES. Been a subscriber for a number of years, and have noticed subtle, almost imperceptible, changes, etc. They lost their great editor and things -- for lack of a better phrase -- are just very slowly going downhill.
  8. Magna and boz,

    I agree re TASC slipping. Staff writers don't seem to know much about trading. Articles are often written by people selling products, not real traders. They were slow to pick up on the whole direct access daytrading thing, probably because of their historic concentration on commodity futures. Still, I think it's a good product and very worthwhile for any newbie.

    Active Trader is a joke by comparison, it's basically vendors telling you how great they are. Very little value in my opinion.

    Futures is a useful product, but more in the way of keeping up with industry developments. Tehy do have some nice series on system design. You can get it for free through any broker so good value.
  9. Alain,

    Active Trader has some interesting articles like the ones on option trading ( for me a novice in option), the trader's interviews (I like to read the face of trading page) and the hardware articles but as far as trading techniques it is often not very valuable IMO.
    A lot of the trading articles if not all are written by chatroom and website operators so don't expect too much, it's usually mediocre IMO . It seems the practice of "sponsored articles" that are more advertisement than anything else is common in the industry. Once in a while there is a very interesting issue you don't want to miss, all in all it's an entertaining read but the subscription is a bit expensive for what you get if you live outside the US.

    TA of stocks and commodities has definitely gone downhill I have to agree with the previous comments. Their articles are usually more about position trading , beside some classic TA stuff in the regular features, they present systems and methods that IMO are often complicated with esoteric indicators(to look "new" I guess). The interviews are sometimes interesting like Mc Millan's in the last issue. The software reviews always end like this: all in all the SupertraderX Platform is a very good tool for the active trader, you will particularly appreciate blabla....

    Futures Mag is a good vendor resource and good read to keep in touch with the news in the futures industry, it's really for futures traders.
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