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    I would like to report my adventures trading low-volume stocks. I've been doing that for about a couple years now. It was easy at first but is getting more difficult now because of lower volatility. My system made 50% in 6 months of 2009 and 75% in 2010. I am up about 17% so far this year which is obviously really good but my account is still rather small so I have to shoot for high returns to be stop working full time :) I've had one loosing month so far in June 2010 when I dabbled in futures in the same account and lost <1%.

    Anyhow, I am still tweaking my system and hopefully will see better results in the future. I also need to adapt as my account grows from the current 51K and I start hitting liquidity limits.

    The idea behind my system is pretty simple. There is a lot of noise in low volume stocks so if you just enter low buy limit orders and then high sell limit orders, there is a good chance you'll make money. About 70% chance with my system, in fact. According to my simulations the average outcome is also pretty good at about 2% per trade. The average holding time is about 5 days. Unfortunately, you can't always trust the simulations due to low liquidity. A lot of times my limit orders don't get hit or I only get a partial fill. I am still thinking about how to incorporate that into my analysis.

    I trade about 400 stocks and submit the same number of buy orders every night (plus a few sell orders for open positions). There is a lot of automation obviously. I use IB's API to submit my orders. They do maintenance work at night and sometimes all my orders get canceled. I hate that. Someday, I hope to have a real-time system, which would let my system trade at a higher frequency - as in, 10-20 trades a day instead of the current 5-10.

    If people are interested, I will post weekly updates about how things are going for me. I would appreciate any suggestions or experiences other people might have had trading low liquidity stocks. I also have a few questions about the US stock market micro-structure.

    Attached, is a chart of one of the stocks I trade. It looks like anyone would make money trading this stock but obviously, it's much harder to find a system that's consistent across the board.
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    Here is another interesting chart showing my equity curve so far this year. Starting with $39K and ending at $51K. The step up in the middle is me adding $5K to the account rather than a mega-leveraged trade :)

    As you can see, even though my system can't find many opportunities to deploy the cash, the equity curve is still trending up pretty nicely. I am currently putting about 3% in each trade but perhaps using 3.5% or more would make more sense. Unfortunately, if I put too much in each trade, I will get full fills when a stock is getting slammed but still only partial fills when a stock just 'wiggles around'. So it's not that simple. But I am open to ideas :)
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    Hey! Just discovered this thread. Looks very interesting.
    How has your strategy performed over the last months? You still actively trading it?
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    This journal freaked me out when I first read it because it sounded very similar to one aspect of my strategy, namely the use of limit orders outside of the noise. I currently stick with stocks having a 10 day and 3 month average > 50,000 shares though.