Trading LLC in Springfield, MO or Kansas City, MO?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by stray_cougar, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know of any trading LLC's of any kind, in these areas? Equities, currencies, or regional products somehow tied to the grain exchanges in KC...

    Any one out there trading equities at home (or on a trading desk) that has any additional comments on working in this region...

    E.g. If so, how is the infrastructure of your data sources? What kind of up/down internet speeds is offered right now in various areas?

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  2. thisguy


    I doubt either city is serviced by national Tier 1 fibre, but I could be wrong.

    If not, for example, fill times at the CME, which might be around 30ms in Chicago or any city served by Tier 1, might jump by upwards of 100ms. Unoptimized connections (i.e. trading from home using Tier 3 - Comcast, AT&T Yahoo) could be quite a bit worse.

    Maybe people using or working for BATS might have an idea of what the situation is in KC since they are based there?
  3. thanks thisguy

    I will look into BATS... I appreciate the speed estimates too...

    Well, I have found nothing else on ET, just waiting for some other replies...

    I got some pretty dated hits on Google:
    listing that Bright has a branch office somewhere in Missouri, and Landmark Securities, which is NASD-affiliated

    also seeing FCStone, some type of energy trading operation

    This will be something I am researching for quite a while, so if anyone sees this post between now and even a year later, please let me know!