Trading Lingo for the 21st Century

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  1. Aristotle believed that "nature abhors a vacuum." Certainly ET abwhores a vacuum in posting. Specifically Jack's absence (although I do believe we need a new word "absense" to describe it). The man surely had a way with word coinage. So in my one-man quest to lure him back to correct my foolishness, I offer some new trading terminology. And as Jack's lingo oft was termed to be Hershean, I hope mine will be considered Decodant.

    So to start, let us treat of Jack's least favorite topic, edges.

    I herewith define an "edgette" as the type of delicate edge preferred by a female trader.
  2. Further, I define "edgy," in the context of a postulated trading strategy, as "the quality of almost having positive expectation, such that optimization might make it profitable." An example of proper usage is: "LuckyGirl is cautiously optimizing an edgy edgette she just discovered."
  3. Continuing, I define "edgelet" as the kind of flimsy, fleeting low expectation edge favored by scalpers. In proper usage one might observe: "SCT in truth is composed of a rapid succession of seemingly connected edgelets which give the illusion of continuity."
  4. The trading prowess of the individuals on the B-Team inspired me to establish "edgement" as the quality of trading profitably with edges, as in: "Thunderdog demonstrates excellent edgement in his trading."
  5. Close observation of the A-Team led me to "edgeable", the latent but educable ability to learn to trade edges. This example comes to mind: "Neoxx is clearly un-edgeable."
  6. My many years of studying Jack inspired "edgitation", the uncontrollable aversion to edge trading, as in: "Jack becomes apoplectically edgitated at the mere mention of edges."
  7. My daily interactions with the B-Team brought into common usage "edgely", that quality so prized by them of appreciating edges, as in: "JimmyJam is a convivially edgely poster."
  8. And of course it goes without saying that 666 is the epitome of "edgeistic", being perhaps the B-Team's most fervent believer in edges.
  9. From there it is but a short hop to the meaning conveyed by: "Joe Doaks is the most supremely edgeistical system developer on ET."
  10. Do you begin to see the rich possibilities in creating a 21st century trading langauge? We could do for this generation what Jack did for the generations preceding us. TeasinggTara, for example, is our the very avatar of one who teaches the use of edges, as in: "Tara is a truly commited edgeator on ET."
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