Trading - like riding a bike?

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  1. We're going to find out.

    Honestly, I never thought that I would ever write a public journal. But after following some other journals and speaking with a few members, I thought it might help. So with that said, I hope we all get something out of it. As long as this is a productive journal, I'll update it. As soon as it's no longer helpful, I will stop. As with most journals, time will tell which way this goes.

    Trading background:
    *Got bit by the bug in '87, post crash - especially after reading Mkt Wizards and about Tudor Jones, et al.
    1- Part time retail 1989 - 1994 (futures, stocks, options)
    2- Full time prop 1994-2001 (stocks)
    3- Stopped daytrading after 9/11 for personal reasons.
    4- April, 2010 - back on the bike. 9 yrs? :eek: (stocks @ prop - trading remote)
    5- I was profitable during my FT trading years. I really think that I was just in the right place at the right time. Anyone with an IQ of a doorknob should/could have made money during those years (just my opinion of course). I never blew up while trading, but like many traders, came VERY close a few times.

    Journal purpose:
    1- I hope to get back up to speed with help from members willing to share. It's been a while and I have a lot of catching up to do. :confused:
    2- I also hope the journal will help some of you thinking about remote trading, trading at a prop firm, etc... Just follow and read, you'll know pretty quick if this journal is for you or not.

    I will be writing mostly about my journey back to trading. Though I never took my eyes off the mkt since 9/11, I have not traded actively. The reasons are many, but all of them were mental/psyche issues. My office was across the street (NY Merc) from the WTC when they came down and had a huge impact on me. Simultaneously, I was also going through some personal/family issues. As most of you know, it's hard enough to trade you're in the zone, next to impossible when you're not. I just knew I had to stop. Let's just leave it at that for now.

    How I trade:
    I'm a K.I.S.S. kinda guy.
    As my username says, I'm old school. My trading learning curve went something like this:
    I was fortunate enough to meet some excellent traders during my time, and they were nice enough to teach me some old school tape reading skills and basic TA. Then I started writing filters/scanners using Insight and other like programs. I finished by writing VB in Excel - mainly for position management.

    Weekly updates - will post blotter and summary.
    That's it for now, I will post week one ending 4/23 a bit later.

    As always, all constructive comments/questions welcomed.

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    Interesting story,

    Look forward to reading.


  3. I'm starting to think if DAYTRADING is even possible. I have seen some people here that are able to put profits week in and week out (NoDoji). They have admired me to keep trying. I have been trading for over 2 years. I used to trade penny stocks and I have recently started to trade bigboard stocks. Bigboard stocks are unbelievably impossible to predict, it seems. I have a vast knowledge of how market works. I never get greedy. I have tried many trading methods with no success... below is my daily PnL for the month of April, 2010. It's horrible. Should I start doing opposite of everything that I have learned in the past two years in order to succeed as a trader? I have tried trading the same stocks over and over, I have tried scalping, I have tried mean revision. Nothing works. It seems as if - it is me vs the market. Whenever I open a position, the market does the opposite. Makes me wonder.. is daytrading even possible? For example, POT.. I started shorting it in April.. The stock DID go down, but since I cannot hold a position over night (trade with a prop firm) I have been trying to DAYTRADE my shorts.. and everything I shorted the stock.. it turned against me..this is rediculas
    04/01/2010 -131.47
    04/02/2010 0.00
    04/03/2010 0.00
    04/04/2010 0.00
    04/05/2010 267.44
    04/06/2010 285.83
    04/07/2010 -682.18
    04/08/2010 -221.33
    04/09/2010 -10.22
    04/10/2010 0.00
    04/11/2010 0.00
    04/12/2010 269.04
    04/13/2010 -415.60
    04/14/2010 229.70
    04/15/2010 -576.33
    04/16/2010 -614.40
    04/17/2010 0.00
    04/18/2010 0.00
    04/19/2010 70.18
    04/20/2010 19.75
    04/21/2010 -203.11
    04/22/2010 -117.43
    04/23/2010 -200.21
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    when a guy tells me he did retail and prop shop for 4-8 years total

    and then stopped for personal reasons

    that's bullshit

    you my friend BLEW UP, be a man enough to say it. I blew up too at one time

    so what

    move on
  5. The first 3 days were spent on a demo account to get used to LS.
    After 3 days on the demo acct, I went live on Weds - 4/21/10.

    After 9 yrs, I almost didn't recognize her.

    Nothing crazy obviously, but blotter's attached.

  6. Just ignore the thread, it's very easy to do.
  7. It's a tough business, period. Wish I had a more profound reply, but I don't. Follow what the successful traders on this board are saying (Lescor and a few others come to mind immediately) and try to incorporate their wisdom into your trading.
  8. Thanks Blox, hope we both get something out of it.
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    What the hell kind of reply is that?

    Oldschool, I look forward to your journal and hearing your experiences of now vs. then. GL
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    Same here Sir

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