trading like joe lieberman

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  1. if you cannot beat them, join them
    he could be an elite day trader
  2. I consider myself a pretty good judge of character - and Joe Lieberman came across a total weasel, a lousy speaker with no content and very confusing.

    The first part of his speech was basically a chant of "USA, USA, USA". Then he progressed into accusing republicans of being corrupt and corporations controlling Washington D.C as well as influencing today's politics - i.e the incumbent republican government. He also hailed Clinton as a great leader who reached across party lines with success. Then he said - forget the issues, think not about what needs to be done in terms of political direction - but focus on the current corrupt politics and trust my politician words, not my ideas or guidelines. Finally - talking about national unity and striking against enemies.

    What a douche...
  3. The same republicans who blasted him in 2000 and now cheering him...

  4. W4rl0ck


    Lieberman couldn't trade 100 shares of GE without peeing his pants.

    Yeah. He wants to get rid of all big bad corp lobbyists, except AIPAC.
  5. The same moonbats who voted for him in 2000 are blasting him now.:D
  6. Joe Lieberman's essence:
    don't mind the issues, political direction or my actions voting 90% differently than John McCain...
    trust my word - vote John McCain, he will end corruption, deceit and corporate influence...

    What a total moron.