Trading like golf?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by dac8555, May 25, 2006.

  1. dac8555


    I was wasting some time the other day chasing the little while ball. And i came to realize that golf and trading seem to be very similar in many regards..

    1. You have to start out humble and with pleanty of patience
    2. The harder you hit it when you are new...the more like you are to screw up.
    3. The devil is in the details.
    4. Frustration is the name of the game.
    5. if you make a mistake, you have to forget about it instantly
    6. you never stop learning or getting better.
    7. Nobody is ever perfect
    8. you need to control your screw ups and minimize them as much as possible.
    9. big risks rarely work out for you. better to lower risk and stay not to lose your balls.
    10. spending tons of money on equipment doesnt help much unless you are already good

  2. In golf, you are not risking anything, so they are not similar. Sorry.
  3. jho


    Have you ever golfed?

    I think you're risking your own sanity :D
  4. position is everything in life :)
  5. Josh009


    golf is about riding around in a little car, stopping occasionally to drink beer.
    occasionally, you hit a little ball with a crooked stick, but i'm not sure how that relates to the game.
  6. spoken like a true beer swilling yahoo.
  7. dac8555


    That is actually an excellent point. in "harvey penicks little red book" a golf book..he recommends that you DO put something at risk to be able to deal with the pressure.

    I normally put a few bucks on the betting lunch.

    it does make a difference when you have something at risk.
  8. If there is big money on the line you are OR if you do it for a profession and have to meet your travel expenses and tournament fees, its similar.
  9. Josh009


    I actually don't play golf, but I know several beer swilling yahoos that do.