Trading Like A Monkey !

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  1. But it's only Tuesday, and you even posted before noon. What's the big deal?

  2. made most of my earlier losses back

    oh ... it is a big deal to me ... I have only had one losing week this yr and venting like this made me focus better

    plus ... the banana was goood !!!

    thanks to whoever tossed it to me

  3. Only one losing week is impressive. What do you trade?
  4. If you want to trade like a monkey, ya gotta LOOK like a monkey! :D


    Here is all of Ernie's open positions for stocks that he bought using his quantitative investment model:
    PRX 9/18/2003 72.40 18.75    -74.1%          
    CBK 10/20/2003 29.38 28.80    -2.0%            
    BEL 1/2/2004 21.12 2.88    -86.4%            
    AACE 3/5/2004 31.34 29.28    -6.6%           
    OFG 4/5/2004 29.01 12.70    -56.2%           
    NUTR 5/28/2004 24.21 15.14    -37.5%          
    NUS 7/8/2004 24.29 14.87    -38.8%           
    TOL 6/28/2005 50.19 25.66    -48.9%           
    KBH 7/22/2005 82.59 46.26    -44.0%           
    FRGB 8/29/2005 88.40 88.00    -0.5%     
    CNXS 9/12/2005 30.15 24.74    -17.9%           
    MFLX 3/6/2006 60.50 33.69    -44.3%            
    BBD 3/20/2006 40.85 32.58    -20.2%           
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  6. siki13


    Half of yours weeks (two day) profit gone you say
    You must be the stupidest ET member i ever seen, , that can only happen to most incompetent people in business.
    I bet next thing you gonna complain is that you have trouble putting your pants with 10 inch dick in your way

  7. shit happens when u take risks. no risks no mo-money. still, u gotta be the biggest areshole on the planet to make such an utterly idiotic comment to some1 who had a bad day.
  8. S2007S


    dont feel so bad. I made some wrong moves today too. Went long at a perfect time but once i saw the market doing nothing around 3:15 i decided to go short once again, with my luck everything went straight up.
  9. at a new highwater mark for the yr ... made back my losses from this am plus a little more ...

    sorry if I ruffled any feathers from newbies or demo traders
    or any world class traders here
    on ET it

    As it does not matter who you are
    the market can humble anyone anytime who loses it
    in whatever time frame or market they trade

    I do not like it when threads get ugly here
    I see enough of that in the real world

    have a nice afternoon everyone

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