trading lessons from a vetern

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  1. 1. do not trust yourself, trust tips/or magic indicators or expert's view (the underlying is there is secret there), ignore common sense.
    2. think/believe trading is hard, actually a monkey can do that if you teach him how to click mouse or keyboard and your trading signals
    3.think/believe the market is always right (that just means you can not change the past fact), the market actualy can not tell you anything, only you yourself can tell you what to do. it is your own game. you can feed a turkey everyday and let the turkey convinced he will get the meal next day, but you should not think like the turkey. at thanksgiving day, your turkey is slaughtered. could not work out the problem out of the box.
    4.think/believe and accept most popular thoughts such as "overtrading is the problem to loss" or "trading less is the key to success" " stop loss will save me""discipline is the key", could not figure out the problem in the box.
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    veteran, I assume.

    how many years have you traded?