trading legends I have met

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  1. hmm ... not that this matters in trading

    but I am curious what gurus etc

    some of us ET 'ers have personally met over their trading lives or when they were in the business even as clerks or assistants or at seminars or charity functions

    some of those people I have chatted with however briefly

    ivan boesky in the 80's
    richard dennis also in the 80's
    mark fisher a few yrs ago
    waxie also a few yrs ago
    "coo" of major hedge fund
    a few senior traders at various IB's
    or quant dept's of mutual funds over the yrs
    gosh .. I better mention the Bright brothers
    "trader vic"
    mark cook

    maybe I will remember some more another time

  2. Larry Williams
  3. BCE


    This thread would be more interesting if you told some stories or at least impressions of your meetings other than to just list some names. :)
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    I did give Waxie a buck when he was homeless, I am not sure that counts or not.

    I shook Michael Steinhardt's hand at a St. Jude dinner as well.
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    LOL :D :D
  6. I have met John Murphy in 73,
    Mr. Donchian at Shearson in 75,
    I have also met Mark Kingdon (recepient of Institutional Investor Lifetime Achievement Award)
    and traded across the ring with some Turtles including Dennis' brother in the early eighties but my most interesting encounter was with Larry Williams around 1975.

    I was a commodity broker then and one of my clients was Larry's neighbor in Carmel.
    The client passed on the trade ideas to Larry who called me one day and explained that our short trade in Soybeans could very vell work out in the coming week or two but Soybeans should explode soon. Sure enough, there was a dip and Soybeans had an enormous upmove.

    Among the authors out there I have tremendous respect for the ones with in-the-trenches experience like Larry Williams, Larry MacMillan and John F. Carter.
  7. Biggest I met was Paul Tudor Jones a few times when Tudor London would have their cricket matches I was a broker of theirs. Seemed a nice enough guy a lot quieter than a thought he would be. His girls used to scare the crap out of me.

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    Buddy Fletcher from Fletcher AM.
  9. man


    john meriwether

  10. Funny! why did his girls scare you?


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