Trading Leaders/Laggards

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  1. Hey, I'm pretty new and am trying out a few strategies. Could someone tell me anything about trading Sector Leaders/Laggards. How do you know when to buy a laggard? If the laggard falls off hard, should you instantly short the leader? What kind of industry is this successful with? Any ideas are appreciated, thanks.
  2. when the market is oversold and halts at a support level, and begins going up off support, get into stocks like KLAC LLTC MXIM for the rally.
    today nasdaq comp found support at its low of 7/25 (10day/5min chart) around 1690.
    trade the oversold rallys only until you know more.
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    I don't give investment advice.:cool:
    Excellant example,
    NYSE airline stocks to downtrend with SPY, assuming they are in that index.

    Study all time frames,especially with major moving averages.

    Not in CSCO now ;
    nevertheless has been strong and long stock, strong sector & strong QQQ. Study.

    'In all labor there is profit''-Solomon-trader king
  5. I was actually looking more for how to plan out my intraday strategy for leaders and laggards than for current trading ideas. thanks