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  1. Hello,

    Anyone selling a good laptop for trading?
  2. NoBias


    You are probably better served getting a deal on a factory refurb
    These items usually are just cancelled orders and can be found at great savings
    If you are patient and monitor the Coupon/bargain sites for discount codes - you can get screaming deals at times...

    Trading laptop is too generic a term, if you mean discretionary trader
    Charting and manual order entry (Point and Click)

    Sweet spot for system configuration is i5 / 16gb (8gb if expandable) ram / 256gb ssd
    You will want a 1080p or better screen resolution - anti glare preferred

    Win7 pro if non tactical (non touch screen)
    Win10 pro if tactical (touch screen)
    Avoid windows home opsystems

    Dell outlet
    Asus outlet
    Lenovo outlet

    Bens Bargains
    Fat Wallet
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  3. Pekelo


    Your question is equivalent to: Hey, anyone is selling a good car for commuting?

    If you don't understand why your question is stupid, well, NoBias' answer was pretty good.
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  4. Handle123


    Everyone has their favorites, I like Toshiba, only maker not crapped out on me after couples years, never had problems of overheating which is most problems I have had with especially HP, Acer is the worst I have owned, keys pop off, display overheats within first year, yea they under warranty but shipping there and back isn't covered, and when they don't fix it, you have to ship back/forth again, hassling with it, toss into trash.
    Would upgrade to 16ram and still decent price and has 17 screen.

    Is Dell the company where you have to buy any component through them? I remember long ago that was the case.

    Laptops simply don't last, best to upgrade to 16g, have fast internet and skills to trade.
    Buy them two at a time, one for backup then donate at eleven months to schools if you doing well enough with profits, use the one you not used for email/games but never trading.
  5. zdreg


    what are you trying to say? which one do you donate?
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  6. Handle123


    I never use email laptop for trading or charting, I don't know about you, but doesn't take much to get viruses when you surf the net. Laptops I use for trading, I donate after eleven months, reformat drive and reinstall Windows.

    About the only site I have not gotten a virus that I know of is ET and ebay.
  7. destriero


    If you can trade on OS X; then the MBP are outstanding in terms of SSD read/write speeds.
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  8. i960


    I actually do this - but with my trading crap running from a Windows 8 VM. It's quite convenient to switch back and forth between OSX and full screen Windows with ctrl-left/right and the VM performance hit is fairly negligible. It's like I'm using two computers.
  9. Funny coincidence that I read this today...
    My desktop PC crashed today, I tried cloning the hard drive -- but just ended up screwing things up. -- for one reason or another, it won't load now. :confused:

    Long story short, I've finally found an excuse to buy/switch to a laptop and ditch my desktop PC. I've kind of always wanted to make that jump -- much less clutter. Seeing that big boxy desktop is/was such an eyesore. o_O
  10. I'll show you what's stupid
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