Trading laptop? Considering the HP Probook 450 G5.

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  1. I think my next one will be a 1080P
    You said something about tinkering with the 4K.
    If you have a flat screen TV with 1080P or 4K you can calibrate the settings to get the best picture. I have never considered this before but I wonder if you can adjust the settings on a PC with 1080P or 4K to improve the picture. Or, does it not matter because we sit so close to them that it won't make a difference.
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  2. 1080P will work right away. You won’t need to tinker with anything.

    When you go to 4K, you’ll need rescale your apps. It’ll be near impossible to read text with some apps that are not programmed for it. I could go on...but I just think it’s too much of a PITA unless you’re a gamer or have a really big screen to connect to (like a TV). Maybe it makes a difference per manufacturer but my experience turned me away from 4K.

    I love my ultra wide. I want another one but it’s overkill.
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  3. Howard


    It's also roughly 60% more expensive here in Norway, so considering that it's not an equal comparison.

    The Lenovo I linked does have an i7 7700HQ Quad Core, 16 GB RAM and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050.

    So, I'm thinking it actually might be cost effective when I compare it to some other laptops in the same price range and even higher priced ones.
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  4. Hooter


    17 inch Walmart laptop 2.2ghz-$179. Adding 4gb ram-$56. Additional 21 inc monitor off CL-$25. I'm a discretionary, day trader not programming or running automation so this works great for about $250.
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  5. Howard


    I ended up buying the Lenovo I mentioned just above here. I hope it's a good purchase. Haven't got it yet. Thanks to everyone who replied and helped out.

    Would probably have gotten the HP I first linked to if not. :)
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  6. Hi, I see a couple of the dells that just seem to say that the resolution is 1080p. I can't seem to find the first number anywhere. Would that meet the minimum that you are indicating or do I need to find that first number as well? If I had the computer I could just look it up under Settings but I am just reading advertising info/specs.

    Thank you.
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