Trading laptop? Considering the HP Probook 450 G5.

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    I was happy with Thinkpads until my current laptop. I started with the T42, then T400, then T430. Those were all good laptops with the exception of an intermittent audio issue on the T430. But my current T460p is a pile of crap. The most obvious mistake was the docking station. They shrunk the docking connector and sometimes it takes 2 or 3 tries to dock it correctly. I had to have it replaced once because it simply failed to boot up one day. I have never had any other piece of hardware fail on me. Sometimes it goes to sleep and cannot recover, have to do a hard reboot. I think the Thinkpads no longer have the quality that they used to have. HPs have better displays. I'd also consider Dell, but have never had a Dell laptop before.
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  2. I have this for traveling or when out back in yard . Not my main ,I have a desk top that I built.

    I'm very happy with it,4K version is a beauty.

    You can get 1080p version to save $ among other specs.

    There's a 13inch model .

    Narrow down to a few brands/models then check youtube reviews.

    You can find deals on Dell outlet store

    I use an older LT for surfing the web.
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  3. Are you sure that this HP laptop can drive two external screens?
    You mention in one of your other messages that you will use it mainly stationary, and only sometimes mobile. In such a situation would I prefer to invest in a good desktop PC. And maybe add a simpler laptop for those few occasions that I'm not working from my desk.
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    Wow. I'm glad I'm asked then.

    Are you sure about the resolution? And does that matter if I'm mostly relying on 2 external LCD screens? It's this one:

    The machine ain't yet released, so that page (Norwegian) ain't fully updated with specifications. But, if I'm finding the correct information, it's equipped with a NVIDIA® GeForce® 930MX (2 GB DDR3 dedicated, switchable) which has a max. resolution of 2560 x 1600.

    Regarding specific questions, I would very much like a specific recommendation for another laptop if you have one. :)
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    From what I understand, yes, but I'm no computer techie, so I won't say for sure. I thought two external screens is something most modern laptops can accomplish. Currently doing this on my old Asus Zenbook UX303.
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    Looks great, man, but for the prices I'm getting here in Norway, it's a bit out of my price range.

    I hate to be cheap on hardware, but I'm having a lot of expenses already with R&D/software upgrade on a custom application, funding an account, etc. So, I'm hoping to find some middle ground here that's acceptable until I can buy a solid workstation at a later point in time.
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    1 external screen is the norm, just get a usb port to dvi or what ever, update will be slow no use for games but charts will be fine.
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    My current Asus has one HDMI and one Mini-DP, so I use a HDMI to Mini-DP adapter for my second screen. Works like a charm. So, getting a HDMI hub or a port like you suggest should work fine.

    The only game I play is the money game. :)
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    Yes, their quality has gone down after Lenovo purchased them and they are making way too many changes nowadays as if they never understood what was the selling point of ThinkPads (slow evolution, like Porsches).
    That said, they still appear to be ahead of the rest. My upgraded T510 is getting slow but it still works well after 7 years - fans are quiet and no major issues beside the problem with cheap USB parts they installed in all the get a shock if touching them and there's a very high pitched noise emitted at certain voltage settings.

    If you never had any hardware fail on you then you've been extremely lucky, I've had 3 harddrives fail, GPUs stop working, PSU fans quit or become obnoxiously loud etc.
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  10. I would prioritize the graphics card, and see if you can get an I7 rather than an I5 processor. I think it is good to spend money on things that matter, and then economize in other areas. So if you have to go up $300 in price, then go cheap in other areas of life for a few weeks or a few months. Having an underpowered trading computer will probably frustrate you.
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