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  1. Trading journal shows a trader how he is actually performing over a specified period of time, like over a week, month, etc. maintaining a trading journal shows how effective a trader is in terms of his performance in handling trading activities. A trader should include the followings in his trading journals:

    a) What type of trader he is and what is his inspiration of forex trading.

    b) Forex Market views and attitude.

    c) Interpretation of the forex market

    d) Trading mistakes and Performance statistics

    e) Opportunities that are missed in the forex market.
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    Garett Sim,

    Do you have a trade journal...public or private ?

    You using a professional trade journal software to compute your performance statistics or you're just doing it all manual ?
  3. Well A Trading Journal - I never use one there is to much going on towards charting evaluations and charting scenarios to consider - than to just waste time writing out How you are viewing your present trading accomplishments. It is far better in the implement of allowing sufficient charting data than to write out ones memories. Of course everyone needs and has to start writing something regarding work related down at some point - Until it becomes useful or fruitful to yourself. Best in mind - The wise man build`s his home it than remains only to the fool who have not seen this than runs over folly.
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    If you make a template for your trade only need to just copy and paste the info/data/download into the daily trade journal. :sneaky:
  5. Oh all in one place is that it .
  6. Does this cover the above mentioned as to A Trading Journal -
    About Me

    Well,I trade Support & Resistance Levels which become apparent over the Full Trend Cycle - by this I mean over the Monthly Ranges.

    Because Trends will last for periods of up to many years this is not always possible - but when market conditions become favourable - I am able to pick up on some of the remaining trend and capture useful pips.

    I have a Financial Back Ground through Chart Analysis and have a non-certificate degree in the subject on Financial Analysis & Planning - through websites such as Investopedia and other websites which center around the Foreign Exchange Rate Pairs.

    Here I am looking at ways in which to capture Strong to Good - Support or Resistance Levels as of pre testing of the by-product - putting into practice my skill sets from what I have learnt so far - into practical use within an individual FX Rate Pair.

    Market Commentor - Market Theorist
    Peter Matthew Matty

    Theorist : Someone who considers given facts and comes up with a possible explanation is called a theorist. Theorists observe various phenomena and use reasoning to come up with practical ideas that must be proven.
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    Peter - What's a non-certificate degree?
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    Looks like a summary piece of a trading plan or part of a "about me" info page...not a trade journal.
  9. Its all the same Bud A trading journal will cover about me and how you plan to apply your trading system and at what points - a non-certificate degree is that it is taken online and not at university but covers the same points as of early learning stages and developments.
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  10. Ok please be kind enough to provide your bias as to the trading journal.
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