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  1. so i have filled up my previous trading journal and i bought a new one.. and i dont like the structure in my last one... i need a new way to journalize my trades in the most efficient way possible.. I was wondering how people who actually trade in ET do this as well maybe i can get some ideas.

    right now i journalize this way im in FX..

    Week Open

    Open position
    trade number

    Note about Entrance: )

    close position
    trade number

    note about exit: )

    Week Close Tally


    any ideas for efficiency and maybe something im missing please comment
  2. Redneck



    Any way to capture most of that in a excel file and save the journal for thoughts, observations, notes, ect.

    just an idea
  3. well i kinda want to stick to writing because i like it better than recording it in excel. just personal preference. I usually do performance stuff in excel anyways. im concerned about what other people put in their journals am i missing something that may make my journal more telling?
  4. Look at the way Neke keeps his journal. Right off the start he shows how much he made or lost and then gives a summary of the week.

    Any journal more specific than that which gives every detail of every trade is pretty damn annoying unless you are trying to attract investors.

    Keep it simple stupid.
  5. Neke's style is very interesting.. i was thinking i could simplify mine like his... by doing it like



    then at the end sum up for the week like he did

    then maybe a note for the week things i could do better.

    seems simple and to the point, one entry not two, a little description, and sum up at the end of the trading week.
  6. I am an intraday scalper trading stocks. I do typically over 100 trades a day. I wouldn't be able to track and review every single trade. I am also very visual-oriented.

    I only focus on the medium to big loss trades. (My justifications: the small losses and small wins are not that important and there are too many of them. The big wins are important - only if I have time. The big losses are what I should focus on.)

    I do everything electronically.

    I capture the price chart during the time period of the losing trade. Use MS Paint to annotate on the chart about the entry points and exit points. Use square for long trades, circle for short trades. Yellow for entry, Cyan for exit. Because I typically scale in and scale out, it's much easier for me.

    A big label like: "Lost -$1000 /1k" to lable the trade.

    And a one short paragraph on my evaluation. Sometimes I put in more thoughts - what led to the trade, how I felt at the moment, what the market was doing, etc..

    I keep each trade as a page in Microsoft Powerpoint, one trade per page. 1 Powerpoint file per week or per month.

    This way I can review them in the future by F5 and paging through quickly.
  7. im not a quick trader like you but that powerpoint idea is extremely interesting..

    i may take quick snap shots of my losers and see if i can find some similarities...