Trading Journal

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bonetrader, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. I am starting this journal of my daily trading effort in equities, to share and hopefully receive helpful advice from other traders. I have become a trader full time and have been encountering problems. Any advice related to trading equities will be much appreciated.
  2. What kind of difficulties are you having?
  3. Well today i armed IDCC on low vol. I anticpated a BO and the vol never did pick up so i left. The other problem was i held my postion until it was a loss, when i saw the FBO bars before my exit. Have you had problems taking action.
  4. I also too a look at that stock this morning. However i did not like it in the daily charts........
    Pulling the trigger is something that i have trouble with as well. Not sure how to deal with this issue.