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  1. Back to the drawing board. Firedup my IB similuator to trade, basing decision on signals from my TradeStation 'strategities' Testing several setups including the new one today BB Squeeze indicator (aka TTM Squeeze). Not much to report just yet still checking it out.

    Really enjoying righthing this journal, talking to myself, it's very usefull. especially will be interesting when I revisit things.

    I read some old posts I had posted long time ago and questions I had asked...unbeliveable how much I learned since then...those now seem like newbie questions.
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  2. Kill all the indicators, all of them.

    Learn to use trendlines and price action.

    Do not go cash for a very long time you are clearly heading into a car wreck.

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  3. I read a lot of the posts on ET, so far I have found only two traders whom I think we can trust and learn a lot from. Anekdoten is one of the two.
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  4. RL8093


    Paper trade until you are consistently making profits with your methodology. Once you are constantly making profits and you know your methods are robust, start trading small w/ real money.

    Yes, there is a large difference between real money & paper trading but why lose good money when you are still refining your methods? Once they are rock solid, go to real money - then you know the only real issues are in your head. Douglas, Tharp and others can help with that learning process.

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  5. Just to draw QQQQ opened 51.71 and briefly spiked to 51.72. It appears to be a 4 days holding period would've make me break even...or make little but I did not want to experience the volatility given methods still being worked on.
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  6. What do you mean? I'll be out of sync?
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  7. Not much activity today. Still testing out BB Squeeze indicator. Using in TS but placing paper-trades in IB's simulated platform.
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  8. Placed my fist YM trade today, 3 orders in general 1 contract each. Nothing good to report was down $100.

    It appears TS reports Futures P/L as average of all trades which got me confused and made place a call and miss out on exit.

    On TA side I am using price action and BB Squeeze indicator.

    Hope to have better results tomorrow.
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  9. Who is the second one?
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