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  1. I've allocated $25K to TradeStation account to journal my trades.

    12/3/07: +106
    Ok day testing trading QQQQ and SPY these are OK average daily rate but this is hte first time I am intraday trading these.

    12/4/2007: -226
    On 12/3/07 took small position in FXI after it's horrific drop at 183.30 right before closing bell rang... after hours dropped to 182 and this morning was at 183.50 pre-market...whyich I expected it to many crazy China stocks have been doing but dipped one minute into trading to 182 and all the way 181.50...normally I wait until 9:40-9:45 but for some reason sold off...for a small loss at 182.50...just to see it turn around and hit 184...then closing at $184.80

    Loses in teh first minutes of trading opening might have affected my trading as every remaining trade today was a losing trade.
    Getting ready for tomorrow.
  2. Today's Acct
    Real-time Account Net Worth 25,371.35
    Real-time Realized P/L (Today) ($226.00)
  3. two days of posts show a negative net profit but the account is up over $300? IS there something missing?
  4. My guess is that it's a foreign account in US Dollars and his currency took a small hike against the US Dollar. My IB account does that.
  5. Should've stated more teh start capital was 25500 not 25K so it's actually down little over $200
  6. S2007S


    FXI is back up again,

    im looking to go long FXP somewhere under 65.
  7. Yes...I thought I caought at low at 183.30 but had a very tight stop...knew it would jump back up...boy it really jumps when it does...I would not go long for long term trade...just yet.
  8. traded for 1 hour or so...

    had a conference call to attend and had a meeting.

    Based on futher analysis I am removing MACD from my daily trade and it appears to be not be of much use and obviously it's a lagging indicator.

    Currently I have it focused on price action only along with my Moving Averages (8, 16) and candlestick chart.

    Since I use 'short-term' and 'longer-term' windows still using Stochastics for my entry points on the 'Short-term' window.

    I am not still not satisfied with my ticks settings...I recently switched from 1-min and 5, 15-min charts to ticks.

    for short-term I am using 512-tick for SPY, QQQQ, ETFs trading and using 1,500 tick on long-term trading but not satisfied as these not working precise enough, in my view. When long-term shows appears short-term missing the entry point or too late to enter.
  9. Real-time Account Net Worth $25,307.46
    Real-time Realized P/L (Today) ($27.00)

    Down -$27 but I am not concrned today's focus was mostly for me to work on price action, as I posted yesterday I abandoned my lagging indicators MACD and switched from minute charts to Tick charts.

    I am pleased with today's overall pilot project. I am still stuggling with entry and exits. It appears between 12-1PM EST market goes sideways. Since I on the West Cost that's 9-10 AM for me. I've decided to have following schedule trading schedule in, Pacific Standard Time:
    6:30 - 9:30 AM.
    Regardless of P/L either close or take half off the table.

    Resume trading
    11:00 - 1:00 pm (close)

    I might be wrong about lunch-time break but I think it's somewhat common for markets to calm down during that time...unless there is a breaking news or govt annoucement.

    Another change, I had 26 ETFs and some ES/INDU/ tickers on my TradeStation Radar screen which I now cut down and limited my primary Radar Screen to only ETFs that I trade or highly likely to trade these are not in any particular order:


    so got rid off everything else...just keep it short and straight to the point. - don't want to jack of all trades and master of none.

    I am now planning to only price action, and Moving Averages 8,16. As long as price above 8-MA and trend is UP I'll consider staying long. When it's sideways stand on the sidelines.
  10. another down day

    Real-time Account Net Worth $25,209.00
    Real-time Realized P/L (Today) ($58.00)

    I post trading details later.
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