Trading Journal Metrics

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jmjatlanta, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. I'm building my trading journal, but wanted to ask the ET community what they use for metrics?

    What formulas do you use for "keeping score"?

    Do you use the Sharpe ratio? And if so, how (i.e. do you compare the number over time, or compare yourself to others)?

    How do you measure your volatility?

    What do you compare yourself to (i.e a certain index, your statistical "norm", your neighbor)?

    What has been more valuable to you: Capturing the numbers related to a trade vs. capturing your mood/thoughts/reasoning behind the trade?

    What do you wish you would have captured as far as datapoints in your journal (i.e time of day or perhaps categorized your reasons to make reporting easier)?

    Do you use software for your journal? A website perhaps?

    Any constructive thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. For myself, I look at two numbers in my report that define historic risk levels:

    1. Max Drawdown %/ ROIC %
    2. Profit Factor (Avg. Winning Trade $ / Avg. Losing Trade $)

    As long as these are within my boundaries I can sleep well.
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