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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Seanote, Jun 3, 2002.

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  1. Seanote

    Seanote Guest

    Tyco CEO Out

    US equities are slightly higher in early trading on mixed corporate headlines. Tyco International's (TYC) CEO is resigning, while USA Interactive (USAI) is making a $4.5 billion offer to purchase three companies. US Treasuries are slightly lower ahead of the manufacturing PMI and construction spending figures, while world markets are mixed.
  2. Seanote

    Seanote Guest

    A few problems came up that have kept me from trading this morning. I should have time to trade this afternoon.
  3. carlp


    Good luck this month.

    I hope your excellent trading performance continues.
  4. Seanote

    Seanote Guest

    Long 2,000 KLAC @ 49.95
  5. Seanote

    Seanote Guest

    Closed 2k KLAC @ 50.15

    + .20 points
  6. Seanote

    Seanote Guest

    Short 5k QLGC @ 43.95
  7. Seanote

    Seanote Guest

    I want to see how much trouble, or not, I have closing 5K of QLGC.
  8. Seanote

    Seanote Guest

    Covered 5K QLGC @ avg. of 43.77

    + .18 points
  9. Seanote

    Seanote Guest

    On "feeling" and watching L2 interest I think if I had traded my normal 2K size I would have covered this around 43.74 or 43.75. So I gave up approximately .02 - .03 increasing my share size to 5K which was still more profitbale to do so.... on this trade.
  10. Seanote

    Seanote Guest


    15:57:40 QLGC BOT 5000 43.77
    15:41:10 QLGC SHRT 5000 43.95
    15:37:52 KLAC SLD 2000 50.15
    15:31:12 KLAC BOT 2000 49.95


    SHORT COST 2000 39.30 +0.60

    CLOSED P&L: $1,300 OPEN P&L: $1,200
    MTD: $1,300 YTD: $204,574

    Today was a great trading day in which I was unable to trade until the last part of the afternoon. Today's decline is very unsettling considering we just broke some major supports. I will get into more detail about that tonight or by market open tomorrow.
    #10     Jun 3, 2002
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