Trading Journal, Accounting, Logging, and Risk Reward management spreadsheet.

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    Hey all I am a software developer who is also a swing trader and couldn't find a decent inexpensive spreadsheet template to do my Logging and Risk Reward calculations. So I built one for myself then put a bunch of work into making it commercial strength so others could easily use it.

    I am sure for the most sophisticated among you it does not accomplish all your unique goals, I was looking to put something out there that would be a good start for someone.

    I have a free demo online and would appreciate your input. Here is some base info below from my website of what I was trying to accomplish.

    All input is appreciated.

    One of the main ideas behind TradeSmart is to give the trader the tools to preserve capital so as to live to trade another day. Before you ever enter a trade, the first thing you should ask yourself is how much money am I risking here and can I afford to lose it? One of the most common mistakes new day traders make is that of "risking the whole wad" on one or two stocks.

    Thus, TradeSmart’s risk reward module is designed to help you define your risk reward parameters, exit points, stop loss limits, profit targets, entry point, amount of capital to commit to a trade, risk/reward ratios, at work dollars, and at work % risk. Therefore, you can make smart choices before making your trade.

    The account status window allows you to view all important risk reward ratios on open trades as well as the current profitability of your completed trades.

    The trading log allows you to keep track of all your trade. It performs multiple calculations on your trades automatically. It has full support for long and short trading. Trade positions may be edited at any time.

    The reporting system is written using Microsoft excels pivot table thus giving you unparalleled power in writing reports. The system comes with predefined reports and charts included, but by using the custom report builder your report possibilities are endless.

    Many active traders fail because they trade "on the fly", without the benefit of any pre-determined trading plan. It is absolutely critical to have a complete, well-thought out plan of action before entering any trade. This includes the number of shares you will buy and at what price, the price at which you will sell the shares (if they go up) and the price at which you will sell the shares (if they go down) to cut your losses. Once you develop a plan, stick to it and do not change it solely as a result of your emotions. Discipline is the vital key to day trading success! TradeSmart is the key to your discipline.

  2. I like what you've done, and I have similar spreadsheets that I used to use. However, mine weren't so elaborate.

    I don't think you should market this to day traders, at least in the current version. It is nearly impossible for a day trader's trades to be entered in this manner. If you could some way link the order entry in the platform to the spreadsheet so that the trader could see risk/reward instantaneously, that might work.

    I would like to see correlation charts for r/r vs. strategy, not just bar charts.

    Instead of entering each trade on the Trade Log screen, there should be a page so you could enter the sybol, l/s, entry price, etc. Trade Log should just be used for review. What this will allow is for the whole window to be made smaller so that it won't take up as much space on the trader's screen.

    Custom reports should include pivots for what stocks and strategies have profited the most in relation to risk. Risk should be measured not by % capital at risk, but correlation to some benchmark the trader decides. Maybe even use a derivative of beta - i.e. use the correlation of the between the stock and the S&P 500 during the length of the trade. A trader could then see what he/she could have expected to make in relation to capital at risk, strategy, stock, and correlation with the market and adjust the next trade accordingly.

    PM me if something doesn't make sense or you need to me clarify.
  3. I couldn't have asked for a better reply.

    I am a swing trader, my time frames are much longer, so the changes for the day trader makes sense.

    I will have them implemented by the end of next week.

    If you send me your email to (}after I make the changes I will send you an unlocked complimentary copy as well as the demo for your review. Can you put your handle in the subject line?

    Any other changes let me know.
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    Will your program work w/Forex?

  5. I have not used it with Forex. Download the demo and see. Let me know. Thanks.
  6. im a futures trader and really would like something like this to just enter daily totals. could your spreadsheet be modified to accept date, gross profit, commission slippage and either long or short. and nothing else