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    Someone did their math. :D

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    Actually, it's an interesting question ... Is there actually a job that exclusive involves trading options? Let's exclude market making. What career path leads to one? I have an acquaintance who does options related research at Goldman (some volatility surface voodoo) but she definitely not a trader. She has math background, so I guess she's a quant.
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    Interesting angle...but...

    was your acqaintance ever a prop trader prior to doing research at Goldman. Actually, did she begin at the proprietary firm Maverick Trading as an options trader ?

    It would be an unusual career path to take to get into Goldman.

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    Lol. She was quite young so I assume she got there straight out of college. I would not call prop trading firms that sell education professionals. I know of prop groups that do serious option trading but l think they don't usually take people from the streets.
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    There is a world out there other than, prop, HF and firm. If you are really interested money can come from backers(mostly Chicago, New York and San. Fran. - where the floors were). Family offices and MultiFamily Offices and then there are simply trading firms(Again mostly the same three cities), but I would add Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and Sydney. Get thee to a Bloomberg and you'll see openings. What's the benefit of going to one of them if you are a successful trader? Salary, benefits and a portion of the profits. You'll need a proven track record and you are generally competing with folks who left HFs and brokerage firms. It is not uncommon to hire a broker who called on you and wants to trade bigger capital. Destriero - on this forum - works at an MFO if he wants to chime in. Family offices are in almost every major market in the world and many employ options to hedge and enhance family wealth in the public markets. IMHO FOs are the resting place for a lot of the capital exiting HFs.
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    BBB rating & it's an A+:

    Real contact information listed on website:

    Read more here:

    And of course, here:
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    I must say that I was surprised to read in that ad that they do swing trading. Usually it's day trading only.
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    I have access to a Bloomberg terminal. May I ask what keyword/position should someone with retail track records search for?
    I am a systematic trader and my Sharpe ratio is about 0.8 over S&P500's on average, i.e. in a year when S&P's Sharpe is 0.9, I have about 1.7.
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    JOBS and the Go Key
    People finder is PEOP and the Go Key
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    I know the commands. I question was for what kind of position can a trader with retail background apply.
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