Trading Is War..Or is it?

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  1. Agree, "trading is war" is a goddawful cliche for those who never actually fought one. My favorite sports interview ever was with Marv Levy, coach of the Buffalo Bills. After winning an important game, he was asked the typical dumbass postgame questions:

    Reporter: Marv, was this game a must-win?

    Levy: No, but World War II was a must-win.

  2. Comparing war to trading is a ploy used to grease up the prop firms and online trading commissions. Its trying to make your average losing trader into some sort of "Rambo take no prisoners."

    War and trading are totally different. Ask a real general.. he will piss in your face.

    In real war if u screw up you are only accountable for the lives of young american men and women... What kind of dumbass wants to compare that to wall street.


    Taking it even further... I think its a dishoner to all the young Americans that lost their lives fighting against Nazis and terrorists. I would not dare to equate their actions and sacrifices to even the most remote notion of trading.

    Trading is soley based on money... nothing more nothing less.

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    Comparing trading to war implies that I (a trader) am at conflict with the market. My goal is to be at Harmony with the Market. When I wake up in the morning to trade I sure as hell am not looking for a fight.
  4. Yes they do.. but their underlying objectives and goals are completely different. If it were in the context of a poem then you can make the case.. but some idiots have written books soley comparing trading to war.

  5. Agree.

    I would only go as far as the survival aspect. The rest of trading needs other metaphors.
  6. name one war that was not ulitmately based on money, stupid head.

  7. WWII was not ultimately based on money. It was based on saving the world from a sick leader named Hitler.

    Everything somehow is related to money.

    But from the mindset of a soldier or general when they go into battle I dont think they are thinking about money.


  8. WHAT ????? didnt the japs bomb pearl harbor in ww2 ?? isn't that the start ??? learn some history

  9. Thats the trigger that lead the US into war... but not the reason the war started. Open a histtory book and you will find out the war started way before pearl harbor.

    Rabid you are sad.

  10. There was a war going on before Pearl Harbor. Perhaps it was WW1.5.
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