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  1. No trouble. Feel free to post.
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  2. A Market Update - EurJpy Pair Spot Price 131.24 Price when correctly to the 130.68 Bar as Forecasted yesterday - There now appears to be An additional Resistance Level at 132.00 at the H1 the 30 minute & 15 minute chart Bars - As to Supporting my Original Theory that the Price Movement within the Derivative is set and will travel directly to Support Level Low at 126.15 In this Actual Instant Price looks set to travel to 126.67 Low As of the Daily Trend Low. - Once Arrived will settle at the Level - Before A Swing High Phase - Back to 132.00 or there about. - This will conclude as Check & Check Mate - Against the EurJpy Pair if my forecast is proven right. We`ll have to Watch & See for the announcement & result - So keep watching this space.
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  3. GbpUsd Pair Spot 1.3804 Sorry I dropped short at the 1st Support Level only allowing for Low Bar at 1.3858 Had to much to do - So did not stay to capture the remaining Low within the Trend - Cable As Strong Support Level & is Allocated at 1.3795 With A First Test at Resistance Level at 1.4074 as Expected Range - Concildation Area will continue thereafter with the Up Trend remaining in Tact - Continuing onto 1.5816 Monthly Chart High Cycle is Advisable. ---- Market Commentary surrounding the GbpUsd Pair.
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  5. Can you post charts or videos showing this? Thanks.
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  6. Yes I will - I have recently tried to upload a chart - But the file type would not upload which source or file to would you suggest.
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  8. PNG is the format I use.
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  10. Hi Rumpled One I`ve just this minute taken a look at the UsdCad Pair through my Chart View and these are my finding - UsdCad Pair Spot Price 1.2835 Buy Hold would be my opinion here - With A Good Support Level Allocated at 1.2807 - Price is head in an Uptrend Direction towards Monthly Chart high at 1.5024 Price is at the start of the H4 Chart Breakout Trend High from 1.2249 & Heading towards 1.4930 H4 chart High - Near the Monthly Chart High at 1.5024 of course adding to any Overbought Value which may apply to Price so should relate to within 100 pip more at full extended level High. I hope that you find this piece helpful -- Sorry about the screen shot I`ve sometime ago discontinued using the screen shot feature on MT4 platform so unable to provide a screen shot photo on this occasion regarding the GbpUsd Pair you can always just plot out a few horizontal line if you find the Pair of interest to you.
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