trading is really stupid

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mr double, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. i have a feeling i am waisting my life and time,basically you are parasitic monkey pushing buttons in hope to get something without nothing,life goes by,instead i can try to make real change in ppl lives for good or bad,but i am afraid,pushing buttons is easy in comfort of 4 walls
  2. achilles28


    Trading is a means to an end. Unfortunately, money is extremely important. Try being poor for awhile and see how "fun" life is. Helping people is noble. But there's usually little job security or money in it. Help yourself first. Two blind men fall into a hole and neither can get out. etc.
  3. don't get me wrong,i dont want to go to extremes ,be like mother teresa,but at the end of my life asking myself: hey you could try to make some real change ,why you didn't do it? you just waisted your life stupid fuck(inner voice)
  4. xBoba


    I agree with achilles28. You have to help yourself first before you can help others. What sorts of changes do you want done on people, or are you just saying it in general? Why couldn't you do both at the same time: trade and change lives of people? There's lots of things you can do with the money you make with trading. For me, I donate X% of my monthly income to charity. Later on in life or whenever i have more free time, however, i'd like to help others in a more "Hands on" fashion.
  5. cornix


    Think about your beliefs... Are they yours really? Are you sure they are objectively correct?

    Look around you, who has more abilities to help others: those who are in need themselves or those who have enough?

    Would you likely help more people if you were poor or wealthy?

    Who really leads parasitic life: those who don't create any wealth and live thanks to others paying taxes or those who create wealth, pay direct/indirect taxes and support economy through spending/investing etc.?

    Ask more questions and the answers will come. :)
  6. Perhaps if you learned bottom up investing, you might

    1. double your money for once

    2. provide capital to small companies with real solutions

    3. make the world a better place by lending money to productive capitalists

    4. realize that not all trading is zero sum

  7. SatMir


    It`s just an illuuuusionn..uh-uh..aha..illuuusioon..........
  8. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Ok, well you're on a trading website calling trading stupid. It sounds like you've probably blown out your trading account so if you want me to shut down your posting ability here on ET, just let me know, because this is a site for traders, not for haters.
  9. can you give some examples?
  10. vinc


    hey, Sheriff, do you trade ?? :) if so, how about a couple of real time calls ?? :)
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