Trading Is Over - Submission to Corporate America

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by lpchad, Sep 24, 2008.

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    With trading as a viable means of living over now, how does one prepare to submit to the full authority of corporate america?
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    I'm gonna ride the dinosaur in Sarah Palin's theme park. YEE-HAW!!!
  3. First, acquire as many suits and ties as possible. Practice saying yes and nodding your head. Start watching American Idol so you can converse with the other lemmings. Learn the shortcuts in Outlook so you can quickly handle up to 200-300 emails per day.

    These are just a few things to get you started...
  4. I'm going to ride this bull until it's dead. I won't stop trading just because of a socialist agenda. There will always be ways to profit in the markets.
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    I'm confused.
    Why is trading not a "viable means of living"? Was your entire "means" based on shorting financial equities? Maybe you should diversify by strategy and/or vehicle type and/or instrument and/or country.

    Wall Street and hedgie positions are disappearing. BUT if you can trade, you can trade.
    Profit and loss percentages are equal opportunity, 1K or 1B.
  6. Bad times are a coming. These boys and girls in DC have NO clue how bad.

    That said the first rule of trading is the preservation of capital.

    If you can survive for a few months, and hold on to your capital, then there will be opportunities, it may not be in trading as we know it.

    But lots of people made money in the Great Depression, it was not all bread lines and Brother Can You Spare a Dime.

    There will opportunities for those who know how to live by their wits, and if they got a little jack to go with their wits, that's even better.
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    this one is funny. all most people like talking about is garbage.
  8. The best methods may change but the ability to make a living never changes unless they close the market down buddy. There is just too much to take advantage of before you start claiming the market is unprofitable.
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  10. It's called sarcasm
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